Week 11 – H Stab and Wings

This week I wrapped up the horizontal stabilizer. I asked Jean at TAF about the proper sealant to use on the top brackets. The purpose is to prevent metal on metal rubbing and I ended up using aluminum silicone sealant (this one). I’m short about 100x 4.0mm rivets and discovered I’m missing 2x balance counter weights for the elevator. I didn’t know those existed until the new instructions came out. I’ll get those from TAF.

I temporarily mated the stabilizer and the elevator and it’s a perfect fit. I was actually surprised since I’ve never built an airplane before.

I got the wings today in 2 crates. I’ll do a proper inventory but was already surprised by a couple things I didn’t expect to come with the kit. There are 2 each of landing and taxi lights (I was only expecting one each). Wing tip lights were included (I haven’t looked at the specs). And an unheated pitot tube was included.

Next I’ll check out the wing tips to see if they will fit Archer style antennas then start the vertical stabilizer.

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