It’s Heeeeeere!

My empennage kit arrived today. Everything was very nicely individually wrapped and labeled. It’s all labeled and somewhat idiot-proof. Just grab the rudder bag and everything you need is in there. One thing I’m not sure about though is the instructions. The TSi instructions are quite different than previous models in that they are really just CAD engineering drawings. There’s no step 1, step 2, etc. I already see a few questions I will have when I get to that section since there’s not a lot of amplifying information.

I had a few minutes after inventorying everything so I wanted to see how everything fit together. I put together the elevator balance counter weight, a new assembly on the TSi. I was quite impressed with how everything lined up. Less than 5 minutes and the assembly was all clecoed together. I hope the rest of the airplane is this easy.


5 thoughts on “It’s Heeeeeere!

  1. Thanks for logging all this. Can’t wait to follow your build. As a potential customer in the next few months, I’m a bit nervous there is no ste by step instructions. Does the app provide this by chance.


  2. That’s what makes me nervous…I really need step by step versus just drawings. Have a feeling you’ll be helping so many of us that will be following your build. Thanks for posting your journey, both good and the not so good!


  3. Will be closely watching your build! Thank you for logging your progress. You are blazing a trail that will help many others including myself!


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